Wild Children in Bermuda

We had the best week in Bermuda with the Wild Children. We were so lucky to be able to share this experience with them and let me tell ya, it was not all turquoise water and rainbows. We were on a red-eye flight and little E was too pumped up on life to fall asleep! When both kids finally fell a sleep, they were dead weight and took over the entire isle leaving me with a sliver of room and feet jabbed to the ribs!  I was a zombie when we landed. Zombie walking as early fliers walk by bright eyed and bushy tailed. But of course, I couldn't complain about the exhaustion because we were on our way to a little piece of paradise. I took every opportunity to simply relax and enjoy the variations in weather that Bermuda offers, from sunshine to gushing winds!

The red-eye threw everything off wack. We had Looker events a few nights and luckily the boys were too tired to care about having a nanny watching over them. We had a lovely stay at the Fairmont Southhampton living the leisure life thanks to the hard stress, sweat, and tears of the Hubs and his Aces Looker Retreat. The wild children were happy as clams and behaved as well as a 5 year old and a two year old can. AKA, lots of negotiating, treats and one lucky airplane diaper poop! TMI? yup, probably but you know me... just keeping it real! Overall, we had the time of their lives frolicking in the sand and ocean. This post is only a snippet of fun because I wanted to live in the moment and not focus on snapping away too much. My camera and I took a little vacay from each other. But I still managed to document and photograph our wild child adventures!

We are now back to the real life and home safe and sound. We are resting and taking time to catch up on those missed ZZZ's and making time to edit and post my heart away. This Santa Cruz photographer is back in town ready to make memories happen in our #santacruztownlife. As always friends, thanks for stopping by and finding out just a little bit more about who this mama photographer is. Deep down, I am a real mama wiping poop off my fingers from coast to coast! haha. Have a fabulous day friends! 


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