Midtown Crawl

Oh, my brain hurts today. Why you ask? Well, I had the pleasure of spending the day with some wonderful people yesterday. We chatted, shopped, crafted, and really got to feel the beautiful sense of community. Really! The streets were booming and thriving with beautiful people full of holiday cheer! I had a blast meeting new crafters and seeing all the beautiful goods around town. I didn’t have much time to spread my cheer around many of the shops in town, but I did spend most of my time at Childish Toyshop and Flourish Designs. I hung out with Ommaker and Fossil.Fern and picked up some goodies from Rosie Eckerman and Wild Seeds. Chatted with many other local artists and just had a ball. Too many good things happening, so I didn’t stop at Home/Work yesterday, but I did pickup some fabulous gifts there on Thursday and Sonia also has some beautiful stuff! If you have sometime, go check everyone out and have a grand old time grabbing yourself some unique gifts!

See you later friends and I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season, full of joy laughter and love!

Leyla Kuhn