New Baby

36 years ago a little baby was born at 9:15 am. That baby was me! I was born in the 80's and my mother probably had no connection to photographers and didn't have the opportunity to capture my life as an infant. What I would give to see the bond and connection she had with me as a little wee one! Fast forward to today, It brings so much joy to my life being able to capture and share these special moments and connections with my clients. I absolutely live for moments like this and this is exactly where my heart is as a photographer. These moments make my heart happy. Being able to connect with families and capture the first images of a child and a new life born is absolutely amazing.  A surreal and magical moment for me.  Thank you to the wonderful family, Vickie and Marc for welcoming me into their home and allowing me to share these special memories. From beginning to end, this session was wonderful. We shared and connected on many different levels; as worried parents, nursing mamas, and happy humans. I hope you can all feel the love and magic of this family.

Welcome to the world Yuna!


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Leyla Kuhn