This is reality and one day I hope to wake up knowing I had a full life. I am not comfortable photographing the elderly, but these moments are special and a true part of life. There is nothing glamorous about these images, but they are real and truly represent our time with Grandpa. At least I hope they fully depict the emotional energy of the day. My goal with all my photographs is to always tell the real stories of our lives. Sometimes life is messy and gritty but it is always beautiful. Whether I am capturing the love between a new family and the new life they created, or the love and relationships between a family my hope is to always tell the real stories of YOU. Today I am sharing some special moments between my boys and their Great Grandfather. It is a truly special moment and one we will treasure for many many years to come. I am lucky to be able to capture the stories of our lives and happy to be able to share them with you. Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you. Being a Lifestyle photographer is special and an honor! As always friends thank you for stopping by. Sign up below for special model calls and events. *The website currently down, so hang tight and come back soon to get more info on special events!


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