More of the good life!

 What could be better than the magical place on earth? The magical place topped with a food and wine festival that is! Yes, we got to savor some delicious wines all while having the thrills of our lives. Kasen was the bravest here when he chose to ride the cars ride. Neither one of us expected the few drops which mortified him for about 30 minutes! I held him so tight, but the poor little guy was shaken up. Although I have a feeling that the thrills of the rides helped him get into his groove as he danced his little heart out toward the end of the night! What a magical time we had. Did I say that yet? I know, seriously guys I am like a broken record. But its true, we had a lovely time making memories. I can't wait for next years adventures. Up next, the celebration of Kasen's birthday!

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Leyla Kuhn