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Hola Amigos!

Are you ready to document life and make memories together!

My name is Leyla and I am a Lifestyle photographer in Santa Cruz, California specializing in documentary family and childhood moments. My Film Studies background set the foundation and allows me to dissect images to tell your life stories. My photographs are filled with unapologetic emotions: Mostly happiness and love, and I strive to capture the beautiful little details in life. My camera has been by my side since I was 17 and It is the tool I use that allows me to share my voice with the world. I continue to photograph EVERY little moment in life because those little moments hide the real magic and freeze our raw emotions.

All of my experiences have led me to become a full-time Wife, Mother, and Photographer. Today I share my work with you and feel incredibly humbled to be able to capture and tell your authentic life stories.

Life is short but oh so beautiful, let me help you share these special moments with your loved ones!

-Leyla Kuhn

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Its awesome to be you!

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Feel the beat.

Somewhere along the way, while faced with the loss of loved ones, I learned to let go of this image for “perfection.” I dance to the beat of my own music and respectfully decline negative influences into my life, art, and vision. I strive to tell life stories that are beautifully connected and full of human emotions. I trust in living in the moment and believe some of the best moments fall outside of the rules of technicality and because of that, I hope for my stories to always be honest, vibrant and unapologetic!

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Are you ready to have fun?

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I am a real mama with a full heart,

ready to capture your beautiful life!

Leyla you did an incredible job taking these photos of my family! They are perfect! You are so artistic and pay so much attention to detail and it shows in the photos. I am beyond amazed how you were able to capture such beautiful photos of my crazy 2-year-old as well as my infant! We are in love with the photos. Thank you for being so upbeat and patient and knowing exactly what to do to get the best photos of my kids. Your advice on poses and proper position gave us the most beautiful photos that we will forever cherish. Can’t wait for you to do my photos again!

— Roxann

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